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Signification of 12 Houses in Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrologers use houses (bhava) to predict future and lead our present in best possible manner. Each of the houses is connected to a particular set of traits. Each house represents or rules over multiple things in a person’s life. Each house has its own particular signification. Let’s understand what is signified by each house.

1st House in Vedic Astrology – Lagna Bhava / Tanu Bhava (House of Self)

Lord of the House: Mars

The first house is of the native himself. His body, mind and his mental inclinations. It shows the physical body, looks and overall appearance of the native. The views, the impulsiveness of the native and the way to do things and tackle issues are all seen by first house. This house signifies fame, character, knowledge or lack of it, residence, place of birth, dignity, honour, ancestry, livelihood, the present wisdom, wealth, self-respect, peace of mind, happiness and un-happiness, detachment, virtues and vices.

In medical astrology: This house covers the head portion of the native on micro-level and also the face. This is one of the crucial houses as it also covers the diseases which one may come through in his life. It covers body in general, limbs, complexion, marks or moles on the body, skin texture, longevity, sound and unsound health, sleep, brain, head, texture of hair, stamina.

2nd House in Vedic Astrology – Dhana Bhava (House of Wealth)

Lord of the House: Jupiter

The second house is also called the Kutumba bhava or dhana bhava. As the name suggests, this is house of relatives, relationship with relatives and overall bank balance. This is house which shows the kind of money an individual will accumulate in his life. This house reflects the attitude of the native about his wealth and how he or she will make money. This is house of hidden talents of the native.

This house represents wealth, speech, truthfulness and falsehood, inclinations, buying or selling in general, accumulation of wealth, earning through self-effort, food, taste, clothes, eloquence, humility, steadiness of mind, learning education, letters, anger, deceitfulness, self-control.

In medical astrology: It covers face, teeth, oral cavity, nose, tongue, nails, speech, eyes (right eye).

3rd House Significance in Vedic Astrology – Bratru Bhava (House of Courage and Siblings)

Lord of the House: Saturn

This is house of communication primarily, but it is also house of determination, courage, bravery, valour, aggressiveness, talent, education, good qualities, stability of mind, brothers, neighbours, and short journeys. Creative activities, performing arts, singing, dancing etc. are also the subject of this house. This house also shows suicide.

In medical astrology: It reflects mental instability, physical growth, ears(right ear), neck, throat, shoulders, bones, upper limbs, and longevity.

4th House Significance in Vedic Astrology – Shukha Bhava (House of Mother and Pleasure)

Lord of the House: Moon

This house is also called the Shukha bhava. This house reflects immovable assets of the natives like land, properties, house, agriculture, farming, gardens, orchards, installations, buildings, and farms. This is house of the consciousness of native. This is house of mother, relationship with mother, relatives on mothers side, and the problems to mother of the native. This is house of inner security, the feeling which one has inside, and various insecurities which one goes through in his life. This house also signifies moksha, which is under the houses 8 and 12 also. Further, it gives the clues of the karmas to be suffered in this lifetime.

In medical astrology: This covers chest, heart, breast, lungs, potent, medicine.

5th House in Vedic Astrology – Putra Bhava (House of Progeny, Romance and Competition)

Significator: Jupiter

This house is also called Lakshmi sthaana or Putra Bhava. This is house of karmas of past lives. This is the house of creativity, children, and pleasures of all kinds. This is house of gambling, self-expression, career in entertainment field like movie and music. It also shows sexual relations, love affairs, dating, romance and this is the main house to be seen for love marriage. This is the house of luck attained in this lifetime.

In medical astrology: It covers liver, upper abdomen, gall bladder, problems related to pregnancy.

6th House in Vedic Astrology – Satru Bhava (House of Enemy and Disease)

Lord of the house: Mercury

This is the prime house of job, debts and diseases. This is the strongest house for money. It also signifies salary and also profits from business. This is the house seen for pets, labours, workers, and fellow employees, nature of job, diet, health, and recovery from disease. This is the house for routine daily tasks. This is the house of enemies, litigation and maternal uncle.

In medical astrology: Intestines, phlegmatic illness, tuberculosis , umbilical region, eye disease, poisoning, accidents, operations.

7th House in Astrology – Kaletra Bhava (House of Marriage and Partnerships)

Significator: Venus

This is the prime house of marriage and partnerships. This house is also for all one on one relations, partnerships, business, contracts, divorce, separation, quarrels, nature or character of spouse, sexual union, overt enemies, recovery of lost wealth, progress, attainment of status, and diseases of the sexual organs which is also seen from the 8th house along with 6th house. Marriage is seen from this house, the 7th house is the legal bonding of man and woman as husband and wife., which starts from 5th house and enters the 7th house as permanent relationship.

In medical astrology: It covers lower urinary tract, urethra, prostate, anal canal, semen, seminal vesicle, sexual act.

8th House in Hindu Astrology – Ayur Bhava (House of Accidents and Deaths)

Significator: Mars

The 8th house is house of nature of death, occult, death, black magic, wickedness, hidden things, indirect gains, suicide, rape, gains from insurance, rent, chit funds, mutual funds, etc.

This is house of will and legacies, inheritance, bankruptcy, clairvoyance etc. This is house of sex-craving, ravaging sexual acts, sin, killing a living being, capital punishment, suicide and self-harming tendencies. This is also house of transformation, but yes, this transformation happens after loss of something near and dear.

In medical astrology: It signifies external genitalia, loss of limb, longevity, incurable or chronic disease, cause of death, severe mental anguish.

Significance of 9th House in Astrology – Bhagya Bhava (House of Fate and Fortune)

Significator: Jupiter

This is house of religion, spirituality, soul searching and the search for self and higher learning. This is house of long travels and voyages.

The 9th house of luck and thus how luck is going to be with the native is seen from this house. It is the house of understanding broader concepts and having a view about them. This house denotes father, spiritual gurus, virtuous deeds, pilgrimages, worship, religious inclination, devotional and religious learning, charities, long-distance travels, and broad things in general, abstract realities, deep thoughts, yoga, meditation, and this is house of understanding or level of understanding. The third house is concrete reality of individual, and ninth house is the abstract one.

In medical astrology: Hips, thighs, nourishment.

Significance of 10th House in Hindu Astrology – Karma Bhava (House of Profession)

Lord of the house: Saturn

The tenth house is house of profession, career, status, honour, power, reputation, prestige, name, and fame. This is house of financial success and is meant for society at large. The second house is house of assets or material things, but this house is for honor and social reputation.

This is house of politics, social reforms, source of livelihood, governmental service, honour from the king, business, status, wealth, fame, progress, nature of work, professional inclination, sense of doing things, place of residence, financial position, performance of sacred and religious deeds. This is the house which is related to your association with public and effect you have on them by your acts of profession.

In medical astrology: knee joint, knee cap.

11th House Astrology Importance – Labha Bhava (House of Casual Incomes and Gains)

Significator: Sun

This is most important house in the horoscope because this is the house of fulfilment of desires. Without this house playing a positive role, no other house can do anything at all from scratch itself. There will be wishes and karmas, but the result will be zero or near zero if approval of this house is missing.

This is the house which signifies social gatherings, large groups, membership of societies, gains of all the nature, income, acquisition, fulfilment of desires, nature of earning, pursuit of pious and religious deeds, profits and returns, material enjoyments. This is also the house of humanitarianism of a native.

In medical astrology: Legs, left upper limb, left ear, recovery from disease.

12th House Astrology Importance – Vyaya Bhava (House of Expenses and Losses)

Significator: Saturn

This is the house which reflects moksha, death, hospitalisation, expenses, loss of wealth, spending money for prescribed or prohibited pursuits, self-realisation, death of ego, the subconscious mind, sleep, nature of sleep, spiritual development, past karmic bondages, emancipation, renunciation, distant travel, foreign land, emigration, loss in travel, paternal property, spiritual learning, frustrations and results after hard efforts. This is the house for self-improvement also.

In medical astrology: Mental imbalance, sleep disorders, hospitalisation, feet, left eye, death.

Final Word:

The 12 houses represent hundreds of things each. Above-mentioned is not comprehensive but aims at pointing to at least some critical significations of each of the houses. These houses are seen along with the placement of planets and transition thereof. Each planet has different effect on the native’s birth chart depending on what house they reside in.

With many other caveats, it is safe to assume initially that houses 1, 5 & 9 are known as good houses which give health, wealth, good luck, education/ wisdom, blessings, status etc.

Houses 1, 4, 7 and 10 are identified as ‘Kendra’ or in Center or important houses as they rule over most of essential things in our day to day lives.

Houses 6, 8 & 12 are recognised as ‘dusthanas’ (or bad houses) as they represent things which oppose us and give us losses, agony, grief and pain.

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