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Astrologically – Doctor as a Profession

Sidheshwar Bhalla qualified 'Jyotish Acharya' from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Delhi

The profession of medicine and curing people of diseases is considered to be a noble profession. 'Vedo Narayano Hari' ~ 'Doctor is God'. According to Puranas, God was born as Dhanvantari, holding pot full of nectar to cure humanity. Charak and Sushruta were other names in the field of curative medicines.

In physicians or the persons who heal, there is a great deal of variety today. There are homoeopaths, ayurvedas, natural pathy practitioners, persons who care through yogas, etc. In medical profession, there are various branches like Dermatology, Heart specialists, Urologists, Gynaecologists, Neonatologists, Neurosurgeons, Oncologists, Phsiotherapists, management of public health, etc.

In the below Natal/ Birth Chart (illustrative), relevant significances under each House with respect to 'Doctor as a Profession' are highlighted.:


Let us now talk of various Houses in the natal chart that specifically influence and are to be analysed for 'Doctor as a Profession'. It may be noted that study of ‘Lagna’ is the start point before analysing any Birth/ Natal Chart:

Fourth and Fifth Houses will show the pattern of education and high intelligence. Whether the native will study medical science.

Sixth House represents disease. Example: combination of Fifth House of education with Sixth House of disease can reflect subject of study.

Eight House denotes ayu, chronic diseases, accidents, research.

Ninth House for success, fortune, medicine.

Tenth House signifies profession and also assigned for medicine.

Twelfth House represents hospitals. Example: Relation of Tenth House with Twelfth House may lead to profession in a Hospital.

Multiple combinations formed amongst Fourth House/ Fifth House/ Sixth House/ Eight House/ Ninth House/ Tenth House/ Twelfth House (i.e. Lord of these Houses having mutual aspect/ conjunct) can signify the profession of Doctor. Few examples shared above while detailing on Houses.

In addition to the Houses, the following planets, including Chaya planets (Rahu and Ketu), are to be analysed in the birth chart to assess the role native will have in being a Doctor. These planets must combine (aspect/ conjunction) with the above Houses:

• Jupiter & Moon, In determining the profession of a Doctor, Jupiter and Moon have the main role. Jupiter for cure and Moon for drugs and liquids. Moon, in case of a Doctor (called as a Drugged Moon), is afflicted heavily and gives various combinations for a Doctor.

• Sun and Jupiter, as a giver and sustainer of life, should be strong.

• Mars is signified as a protector and represents Ayu (span of life).

• Saturn, as karka for Ayu and significator of death. Role of Saturn in determining medical career is important.

• Mercury, as karka for education or intelligence.

• Rahu, as a serpent, has a connection with drugs and is important.

In addition to the Planets, the Sun sign also gives clue on medical profession:

• Aries signifies Psychiatrists, Dentists.

• Cancer represents nursing profession.

• Virgo for laboratory worker.

• Sagittarius reflects Veterinarian.

• Aquarius for Radiographer/Radiologist.

• Pisces medical profession as a whole.

As internal audit professionals (Corporate Doctors), it is possible that the aforesaid combinations (through Houses, planets) in a native's Natal/ Birth Chart may lead him/ her to focus on Pharma/ Medical Sector. Similarly, combinations for other professions (Hotel Management, Pilots, Air Hostess, etc.) may lead the internal audit professional to focus on that respective Sector.

It is pertinent to note that the horoscope should be seen as a whole to arrive at any firm conclusion. Position of planets in a particular zodiac sign, their aspects, inherent results (malefic, benefic), strength of planets and combinations which they form in various houses in the native birth chart has to be analysed and interpreted collectively. Moreover, along with the same, planetary transit is critical and should be considered.


Sidheshwar Bhalla

Jyotish Acharya

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Sidheshwar Bhalla qualified ‘Jyotish Acharya’ from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Delhi and qualified CA and CS.