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Astrologically – Profession in the Sky

Sidheshwar Bhalla qualified 'Jyotish Acharya' from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Delhi

As internal audit professionals (Corporate Doctors), we engage with Companies in various sectors. To name a few Sectors Energy & Natural Resources, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Banking Finance & Insurance, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Chemicals, Jewellery, Aviation etc. Astrologically, all these sectors are signified by some or the other planet/ planetary combination.

It does so happen that internal audit professionals may, by design or default, focus/become successful in few sectors. Frankly, in many consulting companies, audit professionals by design specialise in select sectors. This article proposes to spell out how astrologically we analyse 'professions in the sky' like Pilot, Air Hostess, Air Traffic Controllers etc. At the same time, I want to share a thought with my colleagues from the internal audit fraternity as to what leads us to focus on some Sectors despite our profession being specific to audit.

Illustrative Birth Chart below:


In the above Natal/ Birth Chart (illustrative), relevant significations under each House with respect to 'profession in the sky' are highlighted. Let us now talk of various Houses in the natal chart that specifically influence and analyse for 'profession in the sky'. It may be noted study of Lagna is the start point before analysing any Birth/ Natal Chart:

Second House for speech, food, wealth. Air Hostess profile will include extending hospitality to the passengers by serving meals, being polite and courteous. Therefore, the role of the second house becomes important in how communication is made.

Third House for short journey, courage, perseverance. A Pilot, Air Hostess job requires frequent short travels. Strength and planetary influence on third house become important here.

Fourth House for vehicles. Pilot/ Air Hostess job requires extensive travelling hence the role of vehicles. Moon and Mercury in Fourth House suggest constant travelling.

Seventh House for path, route, foreign travel/ land. Ninth House (long journey). Twelfth House for foreign land. Particularly Pilots/ Air Hostess on international flights will have influence of these Houses in their profession.

Eight House for secrecy, secret police, protected place. Airports are protected place, and Pilots/ Air Hostess/ Air Traffic Controllers work at a protected place since there is tight security.

Tenth House for karma, profession. This is the Karmasthana, and planets involved with 'profession in the sky' (detailed below) will have influence on Tenth House. The Second House (speech, food) and Tenth House should have a connection (2nd Lord and 10th Lord having mutual aspect/conjunct).

Third House/ Seventh House/ Eighth House/ Ninth House/ Twelfth House having a combination with Fourth House (i.e. Lord of these Houses having mutual aspect/ conjunct) can signify residence moving. This is noted in natives having 'profession in the sky'.

In addition to the Houses, the following planets, including Chaya planets (Rahu and Ketu), are to be analysed in the birth chart to assess the role natives will have in the 'profession in the sky'. These planets must combine (aspect/ conjunction) with the above Houses:

1. Rahu represents foreign, aviation jobs.

2. Saturn is airy tatwa and signifies long hours of duty (the work timings for Pilots/ Air Hostess may depend on the flight duration, which may be long hours example: international flights), hard work.

3. Jupiter is aakash tatwa also signifies quick intelligence.

4. Venus signifies vehicles, sophisticated machinery, glamour, good looks and personal charm.

5. Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu/ Ketu signify technology and influence operating aircraft by the native. Also holds good for Air Traffic Controllers.

Particularly for 'profession in the sky' Dasha of Rahu is important in a natives life.

Yogas (planetary combinations) give good or bad results depending on the nature, condition and strength of the planets and which also influence success/ failure of the native. Normally, Pilots/ Air hostesses are paid well. They must have 'Dhan Yogas' in their Natal Chart. Illustratively, Gaj Kesari Yoga which is formed when Jupiter and Moon are in Kendra (1, 4, 7, 10) from each other.

As internal audit professionals (Corporate Doctors), it is possible that the aforesaid combinations (through Houses, planets) in a native's Natal/ Birth Chart may lead him/ her to focus on aviation sector. Similarly, combinations for other professions (Hotel Management, Doctors etc.) may lead the internal audit professional to focus on that respective sector.

It is pertinent to note that the horoscope should be seen as a whole to arrive at any firm conclusion. Position of planets in a particular zodiac sign, their aspects, inherent results (malefic, benefic), strength of planets and combinations which they form in various houses in the native birth chart has to be analysed and interpreted collectively. Along with same, planetary transit is also critical and should be considered.


Sidheshwar Bhalla

Jyotish Acharya

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Sidheshwar Bhalla qualified ‘Jyotish Acharya’ from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Delhi and qualified CA and CS.