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Your Life

Get a complete insight and seek direction for your life, what is destined (Prarabdha) with respect to Dharam, Arth, Kaam, Moksha (DAKM). This will cover all facets of your life including profession, marriage, love and sex, health, wealth, education, money matters, overseas travel etc. Which facet of life is more fulfilling. Perhaps the facet of life which is less fulfilling what a native might lose by attempting to make it more fulfilling. Analyzing interdependencies in fulfillment of different facets of life.

It is important to understand following aspects in case some event is not destined and Karma is performed to make that event happen:

  • By performing Karma towards what is weak to achieve as per Prarabdha in the horoscope, the native delayed something bigger and better destined.
  • Will achieving the event result in recognition of that success.
  • Will the event give the desired or acceptable level of results.
  • Directionally what is right Karma in different facets of life (education, profession, marriage, relationships, disputes etc.)