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Professional Excellence Through Astrological Guidance

In continuation to my last article on ‘Astrology - Common Myths’ published in ‘Internal Audit Today’ magazine September 2020 edition, I unfold and share with you select criteria on how astrology can provide direction to attain professional excellence. Ever wondered how so many people born at the same date, time and place have different destinies. There is a concept ‘DKP’ (Desh, Kaal, Patra) briefly explained below which answers this to some extent as we cannot discount the importance of Karma (which gets signified by placement of Moon in a natives birth chart):

Desh (D): Culture and practices prevalent in a Country (Desh) has an influence on an individual destiny. In a developing economy perhaps most of the times one perceives a low profile job (blue collar) will be performed by not so educated native unlike in some developed economies where the perception may be otherwise.

Kaal (K): The Samay (Kaal) an individual has taken birth on earth. Whether native is born in 16th century or 20th century and so on. Example: What career prospects a native can expect today (post Globalization in India) would perhaps not have been possible say in 1970’s or 1980’s.

Patra (P): The family background of the native (Patra). Results of similar yogas (certain specific planetary combinations in a chart) get influenced on the family background of the native.

Before elaborating on this topic further, let me highlight the derivation of the word ‘Astrology’. ‘Astrology’ is a branch of Veda (Vedanga). ‘Astrology’ is derived from the words aster (stars) + logy (language) which means that ‘Astrology’ is ‘Language of Stars’. Thus, astrology is science of stars and an art where the astrologer is expected to interpret. Same way as a Medical Doctor would study symptoms, diagnose and recommend treatment.

Below is a generic birth chart that will enable us understand what should be considered to seek direction to attain professional excellence through astrological guidance:


The aforesaid chart is highlighting select significations (Karka) of each house which may be considered while analysing profession in a native birth chart. In addition the following illustrative points may be considered while analysing a horoscope in particular to seek direction for attaining professional excellence:

•> Planetary combination in House 10. Example: audit is signified by Venus, accounting is signified by Mercury, management is signified by Jupiter and so on.

•> Planetary influence as per Vimshottari Dasha which the native is undergoing and the placement of those planets in D-1 chart of the native.

•> Planetary influence as per transit (current position of planets) on D-1 chart of the native. Here, the role of Saturn and Jupiter takes prominence.

•> Yogas formed (certain specific planetary combinations in a chart) in D-1 chart.

•> D – 9 chart (Navamsa) to estimate the strength of planets and also to assess their auspiciousness.

•> D – 10 chart (Profession) of the native. Particularly House 10 in D-10 chart.

•> Number of points in House 6 (service) & House 7 (business) as per Ashtakvarga calculation. The native will benefit in service or business depending on which house has more strength (points).

•> Number of points in House 10 & House 11 as per Ashtakvarga calculation. The native will have chances of better returns from Karma in case House 11 has more points compared to House 10.

It may be noted that position of planets, their aspects, inherent results (malefic, benefic), strength of planets and combinations which they form in various Houses in the native birth chart has to be analysed and interpreted collectively. Based personal experience, I can safely say that meditation by an Astrologer plays a significant role.


Sidheshwar Bhalla

Jyotish Acharya

About Author

Sidheshwar Bhalla qualified ‘Jyotish Acharya’ from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Delhi and qualified CA and CS.