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‘With an endeavour to make the society stable and resilient, money collected will be used for investing in girls education’.


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Our Focus

Education has always been called a primary and fundamental right of every citizen of India. But for many, that right is a distant dream. Our focus is on mending the ways to improve the conditions by which girls, especially those in the marginalized communities can access the best quality education. Education is a crucial tool that enables women and girls to participate in decisions that affect their lives and in improving their social status.

The world around us is transforming dramatically with the coronavirus pandemic disrupting lives, economies and societies. The calamity has also been a powerful reminder of the pre-existing gender disparities in education, with school closures disproportionally impacting girls from vulnerable families.

Every day, girls face hurdles to education caused by poverty, cultural norms and practices, poor infrastructure, violence, and fragility. COVID-19 is harming girls’ health and well-being – and many are at risk of not returning to school once they reopen. Available research shows that the prevalence of violence against girls and women has increased during the pandemic – jeopardizing their health, safety and overall well-being.

We counsel parents and raise awareness about the importance of girls’ education in India. We also work with families and community members to advocate for the importance of educating the girl child.

Why You Should Support a Girl Child Education?

We must understand the importance of supporting girl child education so we can contribute towards the development of our nation.

1. Empowered women and girls:

Educated girls and women are aware of their rights and can make informed decisions for themselves. They develop the ability to critically analyze their choices and can stand up to violence and discrimination against themselves.

2. Prevention of early and forced marriages:

Early and forced marriages prevent girls from going back to school, make them more vulnerable to domestic violence, which may cause teenage pregnancies and reproductive health issues. Educating girls will raise awareness and hence empower them to make their own decisions about marriage and stand up against forced marriages.

3. Increased political participation:

Lack of representation of women results in the further exclusion of women in policymaking. Educated females are more likely to take part in political decision making and discussions. Girl child education will help bridge this gap and result in better inclusion of women in policymaking.

4. Reduced mortality rates:

Educating girls will help reduce the high mortality rates in India. Several studies have proved that educated women are more likely to give birth to healthier babies and are healthier themselves. This is because they have more agency to decide when they wish to give birth and how to take care of their health.

5. Increased economic growth:

Women in India make up half of the population but face barriers entering the workforce. It is primarily due to certain social norms that dictate them to stay at home to take care of their families. Educating girls will enable women to participate in the workforce and contribute to the country’s economic growth.

6. Better jobs and income for women:

Lack of education further hinders them from taking jobs, especially dignified jobs and forces them to be economically dependent on their father, brothers, husbands. Educating girls will allow them to build their skills and pursue noble careers.

7. Healthier and educated children:

Educated women are more aware of healthcare and hence more capable of keeping themselves and their children healthy. Educated women also understand the importance of education. They are more likely to educate their children as compared to illiterate women.

8. Reduce sexually transmitted diseases:

Education helps raise awareness about the prevention of STDs. Educated girls and women can overcome the societal barrier and taboos surrounding the diseases and ensure they stay healthy.

9. Population Control:

Lack of education forced girls into early marriages, resulting in early pregnancies and a higher number of children as compared to education girls. Educating the girl child is the first step towards controlling the population of the country.

10. Mitigation of disaster risks:

Women play a crucial role in saving their families during disasters, and also among the most impacted by the disaster. They pay additional attention to the welfare of their family members and the safety of their children and elders. Thus, it is essential to involve women and girls in disaster risk reduction programmes.

Support the Cause

Join hands with us in fighting for girl child upliftment through education. Donate Online to us to Save the Girl Child. We worked with leading corporates on corporate social responsibilities on empowering the girl child and other social goals.

Now that you understand the hurdles girl child faces and importance of education in society, let’s come together to educate our girl children and empower them, so we can do our bit to develop our nation.

If you educate man, you educate an individual. But if you educate woman, you educate a nation.” African Proverb


Donate to Support Girl Child

  • You can donate any amount for girls education