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What clients are saying

Many people have received right direction at right time
through horoscope reading under the guidance of Jyotish Acharya Sidheshwar Bhalla.

Rashmi N. Kalsie

Playwright - Author


Sidheshwar Bhalla is an exceptionally intuitive astrologer. I have been consulting him for over 17 years and his predictions continue to come true. So much so my family consults him for every little thing.

Debnath Mukopadhyay

Chief Financial Officer


Sidheshwar Bhalla is an excellent astrologer and a compassionate human being. During the past trials of my life since many years I was fortunate enough to receive his accurate astrological guidance and his remedies have changed my life for the better. I trust his abilities to forecast correctly and have full faith in him as an amazing astrologer. I thank him for his continued support to me and recommend everyone to resort to his guidance and especially those who are facing problems.

Kamlesh Kangya

From Singapore


Sidheshwar is highly knowledgeable in the field of astrology, he is very good at analysing horoscopes. His remedies to mitigate the situation are helpful. His predictions are quite accurate. Sidheshwar goes the extra mile to provide comfort in terms of calming the situation. I would highly recommend Sidheshwar for providing solutions to any past doshas / accumulated karmas causing temporary problems in your life.

Neetu Gupta

Tax Expert


In last couple of years, I faced two severe situations when it was important for me to understand what are my stars saying? On both the occasions Sidheshwar's predictions turned out true. His reason based approach helped me in taking right decision. Solution given by you were simple and easy to implement. Thanks for providing guidance when I needed it the most

Narinder Kumar

Astrologer, Australia


I know personally Mr. Sidheshwar Bhalla. He is a very good astrologer. Myself also being an astrologer, I have found that his way of analysing horoscope is very accurate. He truly applies the principles of astrology while analysing. This is the reason that his predictions are always true. I wish him all the best.

Mukesh Butani

Leading Lawyer and International Tax Expert


Sid’s predictions are incisive & analytical – he supports his predictions well. The other unique aspect of his work is that he conducts more as a guide/ counsel, listens to issues and offers options to deal with it.

CA Varun Vashisht

Practicing Chartered Accountant


Sidheshwar Bhalla popularly known as Sid is a Chartered Accountant having more than 17 years of experience and worked with many big accounting firms. He is a very unique combination of a CA and astrologer both together. He is very passionate about his astrology and makes his future predictions very clearly. Apart from this he is a very kind hearted person and a true friend. We wish him best for his future endeavours in the field of astrology.

Mohit Gupta

Business Risk Specialist


Sid is exceptionally good in handling the projects that he takes in his hand, be it business advisory or Astro Science. Having worked with him for more than 6 year now, I have personally experienced him focusing on very minute details. Success is the outcome of decisions that an individual takes in life. He uses the concept of Desh, Kaal, Patra so beautifully that can completely change the one’s perspective towards a person or event and provides direction to take right decisions in life.

Brij Bhushan Gupta

From Canada


I know Sidheshwar for the last 5 years. I have always been deeply impressed by his conspicuous meticulousness. I have no doubt that his passion for Astrology would enable him to help others through this powerful medium of time proven ancient science.

Gautam Punj



Sidheshwar can accurately unravel your charts and guide you through the implications.

Manoj Naik

Chief Financial Officer


My first personal encounter with astrology dates back to November of 2005 when I was the CFO for GE Money in India - prior to that, I was neither a believer nor a sceptic. In response to a somewhat casual query,Sidheshwar predicted with precision events which started unfolding from March 2006 - my two year stint with a GE owned Bank in Taiwan. Bhalla has been a student of the subject of Astrology for many years prior to 2005. Apart from the study, he has also gained practical experience which has helped expand as well as polish his knowledge as well as develop finesse & elegance. Basis my own experience, as well as that of a few common friends I can say that, apart from his deep study & long practice, Sid's ability for self care, high moral standards & impeccable personal integrity, ability to be objective & detached from the subject or situation and clarity in communication truly set him apart as an astrologer.

Arun Kutowaroo

Lawyer Mauritius


Sid surprised me with his accuracy and his acuity. He brings a breath of fresh air by adding a sense of professionalism and humility as well as integrity, emanating from his profession - something blatantly missing these days in the area of astrology.

Dr. B L Agrawal



I know Mr Sidheshwar Bhalla for quite some time. Apart from being a known face in the corporate world, his passion for astrology is quite remarkable. His analysis is indepth and based on sound reasoning. I wish him all success.

Pankaj Wadhwa

Senior Vice President


I have known Sidheshwar for close to a decade now. While the relationship started at a professional level, the astrological face of Sid came to the fore at a later date. Sid has a wonderful way of analysing horoscopes and is able to put forth arguments about his predictions in a cogent manner. I wish him all the best and pray that he is able to serve the humanity through his knowledge and skills.

CA Avinash Gupta

Secretary SRCC Alumni Association


Sidheshwar is a fine astrologer. He carries a unique way to analyse horoscopes which provide direction to individuals to better their life and generate prosperity. He propagates 'Karma Shapes Destiny' and accordingly shares perspective with individuals to steer their efforts and get desired results.